Choose Your Life

No Bully Zone

Upper Elementary — A high-energy, live-action play where a game show invades the lives of four unsuspecting students and challenges them to examine their choices. The play presents some common forms of bullying: texting, tripping, verbal teasing, and exclusion. The characters are given six positive, practical strategies for handling bullying situations.

Duration: 50 mins.

Cost: Free to schools and youth groups along Colorado's Front Range – from Longmont to Colorado Springs.


What People Are Saying

The show reinforced much of our second step program here. The students were entranced by your actors and loved the technology addition. The bullying complaints have gone down since the play.
- Cathy King, Stein Elementary

Reach, Partnerships and Impact

Developed in 2009, Choose Your Life has reached 75,149 people through 318 performances in elementary and middle schools. This program was also adopted by the Oregon Children's Theatre through the Educational Theatre Programs in the Northwest Region, and toured to elementary schools in Oregon and Washington.

Information & Booking:

(303) 789-7143

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